Tuesday 22nd January 2019


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PolicyBee is a professional insurance broker based in Ipswich. We do business insurance the quick  and easy way.

Over the years we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses and freelancers get the insurance they need, hassle-free, and without breaking the bank.

Professional insurance is an essential weapon in the fight against risk. Having it means you’re protected, and free to do business as usual.

But there’s a lot to choose from.

So we don’t offer every type of cover there is. And we don’t do one-size-fits-none insurance, either. Instead, the policies we offer are designed for specific risks, and are a product of years of experience.

We specialise in:

- Professional indemnity (For your mistakes and negligence)
- Public liability (For damages to property and people)
- Employer’s liability (To protect the people who work for you)
- Contents and buildings (For your business equipment)
- Business interruption (For when a crisis stops you working)
- Directors’ and officers’ (To protect those in charge)
- Cyber liability (For when you’re hit by hackers or a virus)

We do things a certain way because we know it works and because our customers like it. (Read what they say about us here.)

We don’t think insurance has to be stuffy, but we do think it has to be right. That means you get the cover you actually need.

It helps that we’re digital, of course. That makes it quick.

And because we keep things jargon-free, you don’t have to spend hours working out what the words mean. That makes it easy.

If it helps, here are five reasons businesses like you, like us:

1. Buy online in minutes
You don’t want to spend valuable time faffing around with insurance when you could be doing business, right? So don’t.

2. Interest-free monthly payments
And no admin charges or cancellation fees either. Insurance without hidden costs? You bet.

3. Flexible policies
Get the cover you didn’t know you needed. Choose a handy, all-in-one insurance package or pick exactly what you want.

4. Instant documents
In a hurry? Even if you’re not, you’ll have certificates in your inbox quicker than you can say “where are my documents?”

5. Unrivalled support
Our team of friendly insurance experts are on hand to help with anything and everything you need. And all without a call centre or phone menu in sight, too. How refreshing.

For quotes, visit www.policybee.co.uk or call 0345 222 5370.

Feel free to drop by, too. Our address is:

14 Brightwell Barns,
Waldringfield Road,