Friday 03rd July 2020

Cambridge Cluster Map

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The Cambridge Cluster Map is a big data resource highlighting the data on the cluster of businesses located within 20 miles of Cambridge, UK, and accurately maps the growth of the Cambridge sub-region over time. It is a free-to-access online resource which shows the vibrancy of the Cambridge technology and life science cluster, revealing the true extent of the success of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’. Created by Cambridge Ahead in partnership with Barclays, working with the Centre for Business Research (CBR) at the University of Cambridge, the map can be viewed at

The source, methodology and granular nature of the data means that the map will be of interest to a wide audience, from companies in the Cambridge sub-region, to journalists, Think Tanks and economics researchers, through to international organisations which might be doing a global search for new locations or acquisitions.

The map enables the data to be shown in sectoral, geographic, chart and other formats. The data for individual companies includes postcode, business sector, turnover, employment level, and directors. We now have real and detailed evidence that Cambridge companies have grown very rapidly in the past 4 years. Importantly, this growth does not include data on ‘incomers’ to the city, such as AstraZeneca.

The Purpose of the Cluster Map

The purpose of the map is to provide an accurate and accessible source of growth data that:

Shows the growth of the sub-region over time much better than before and reveals the true extent of the success of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.

  • Supports representations made to Government for increased investment.
  • Enables the city to highlight the attractiveness of Cambridge to potential international inward investors.
  • Allows businesses and individuals to examine individual company data as well as identify where growth is taking place around them.

Our Partner, Barclays

We have chosen to partner with Barclays on the Cluster Map as they have a longstanding history in Cambridge and a strong track record in supporting scale up businesses. Barclays are well placed to support ambitious businesses and their founders at all stages of growth.

More about the Cluster Map

The map is an updated version of the previous Cluster Map covering the Tech sector launched in 2012. This version uses a different methodology, covers all economic sectors and provides estimates for employment and turnover when these are not available from Companies House.

The data held on the 22,000 companies registered and based within the city includes the sector, principal trading address, turnover and employment record for the five years to April 2015. That held on those 900 companies trading but not based in the city includes their sector and postcode but not their employment or turnover.

Users of the Cluster Map can view the data superimposed on a map of the city-region and can search down to street and postcode level. Data can also be filtered by sectors, and show trends in turnover and employees on a city or individual company level.

The data is refreshed every 3-4 months and updated annually. If companies wish to amend or update data held on them, they can do so via a form. See more info about the Cambridge Cluster Map.

Academic Research

A page for academic researchers has been set up where there is background and supporting information such as the methodology behind the cluster map data and summary tables. As third-party research becomes available, it will be posted on this page and thus be publicly-available.