Thursday 17th January 2019
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'New dawn' set to break for energy firms in Southern North Sea

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A new dawn for the gas industry in the Southern North Sea is in prospect with £3 billion worth of projects by leading operators and millions to be spent on the decommissioning of up to 40 platforms in the area over the next 5 years or so. At an East of England Energy Group meet the buyers event at Norwich City FC this week, around 100 delegates heard predictions from ten operators in the region that: “The sun was now shining after the ‘dark days’ of the industry downturn with 'tremendous activity and a tremendous future' for the area”.

New projects were set to kick start the rejuvenation of the Southern North Sea and extend the life and security of the supply of gas in the basin. Bill Cattanach of the Oil and Gas Authority said: “There is a multi-billion pound prize coming from the SNS in the next five years. Operators see a big future in the SNS. They have opened the door to the local supply industry so make sure you push through it.”

Simon Trin, contract and procurement manager for the SNS for Shell, said: “The success of the SNS for us is about big collaboration between suppliers and the operators.” Shell’s investments included work at the Bacton Terminal in Norfolk. Other projects outlined on the day included the new Tolmount hub and work to flow stranded gas through a recommissioned pipeline.

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