Sunday 13th June 2021
Home General Business News New body launched to boost growth across Oxford-Cambridge Arc

New body launched to boost growth across Oxford-Cambridge Arc

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A government plan to boost economic growth across the so-called Oxford-Cambridge Arc has been unveiled by housing minister Christopher Pincher.

The new ‘spatial framework’ plan aims to create thousands of jobs, drive investment, and protect the environment across the area which covers Oxfordshire, Bucks, Northants, Beds and Cambs. The government says the results , due in 2022, will give communities a chance to shape the long-term future of the area and will help to ensure the benefits of growth are felt across the region. It involves the creation of an Arc Growth Body to foster growth which analysis suggest could mean output in the area doubling to over £200 billion by 2050.

Mr. Pincher said: “The Oxford-Cambridge Arc is already home to world-leading economic, cultural and scientific assets. We know for instance Cambridge’s rate of patent applications – a key indicator of innovation – is the highest in the United Kingdom, while nearby Milton Keynes is the fastest growing city in the country.  We want to take this region to the next phase of its renaissance by unlocking its full potential and our plans will drive investment where it is needed and ensure, as growth happens, we create well-designed, inclusive and vibrant places and communities.”